Collateral Damage

The equity quiz consisted of results that I found very shocking. The ones that surprised me the most would have to be that we ranked 29th in life expectancy compared to that of other countries. This seemed odd to me considering we are supposed to be the richest nation with the most resources when it comes to medicine. How can a country said to be most advanced in medical research with the most high tech technology fall so short in life expectancy. I guess the answer lies instead in the spoiled lifestyle we lead. The other questioned that I found shocking was that the best predictor of ones health was not their life habits, but instead whether they were wealthy or not. Sad to think that the lifestyle choices we consciously make everyday do not hold as much weight as the amount of money in our pocket.

The case study that I decided to discuss today, is one that I write about with a heavy heart. The case study titled “Collateral Damage,” referred mostly to the people living on the Island of Ebi called the Marseillies. This island is highly populated and poverty stricken. Mostly due to the fact that their is a lack of jobs offered on the Island,therefore most travel on a fairy to a neighboring Island where they can work at a U.S naval base. The poverty experienced by the Marseillies leads to a high rate of Tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is not contracted through genetic factors, but instead contracted by the poor living conditions, crowding, poor nutrition leaving the Marseillies with a poor immune system for fighting off the disease, and lack of private bathrooms. In order to fix the problem of tuberculosis among the Marseillies, there needs to be a political decision made to irradiate the U.S naval base, better nutrition, better housing, and overall better living conditions. An increase in medicine, doctors, or nurses will not do anything to stop the transmission of Tuberculosis among the Marseillies people.

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