Not Just a Paycheck

I honestly failed the Health Equality Quiz, I only got one right. The statistic I was most surprised with was, “Nearly half of all health care dollars in the world are spent by the U.S. We spend more than twice the average per person of other industrialized countries.” This surprise me because it makes me think where is this money going if we do not have the highest life expectancy. We cannot be behind in technology or diagnosis. So what is wrong, where is the money all going and why is it not helping us improve our health as much as other countries.

This goes along with the unnatural causes video I chose to write about, Not Just a Paycheck. In this video it compares the same company moving a fridge factory from the US to Mexico and vacuum factory from Sweden to Germany. Then it looks at the aftermath of the move on the two sets of people. In the US many people became anxious and stressed, they turned to alcohol, food, and suicide to hide from their depression. It affected their health in many different areas from their stomach to their heart to their brain. But in Sweden the former employees were not stressed or anxious, this is because they have a better unemployment system. They receive 80% of what they were making as long as they are actively searching or going to school.

This leads to them having an average of 3+ years on top of our life expectancy in the US. So what are they doing differently? Well, they pay a higher tax which allows them to not have to worry about paying the bills while they are unemployed. They close the gap on the economic ladder which is equal to the level of health in people. They were also able to receive 3 million from the previously mentioned company to start up new businesses and increase job potential.

So maybe we need to worry less about how much we spend on our actual health and a bit more on improving job opportunities in the US. Someone should be asking why we did not receive any money to expand our job market or how our tax money should be spent to help the unemployed improve their job potential.

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