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The score I received on the unnatural causes quiz was a 4/10 and I was very surprised. The most surprising statistic to me was 50 years ago the United States was ranked among the top 5 countries in life expectancy, and now the United States is ranked 29th. I find this hard to believe because of all the new drugs and technology that keeps coming out to help treat patients with diseases. But now that I think about it, communities that have low incomes may not have access to these new innovations compared to wealthier and healthier communities.

The case study that I chose to watch was ‘Asian Americans and Health’. Richmond, California used to be a healthy and populated community during World War II; with plenty of temporary housing and commercial businesses for all the workers during that time. As the war ended, many people chose to move away from the area after all the businesses and army bases shut down, leaving temporary housing that was poorly built, empty commercial services, and unhealthy neighborhoods. The video was mainly focuses on an asian american, who suffered from heart problems because of the environmental stress factors that he experiences from living in such a poor neighborhood. Research has shown, from a town that was rebuilt in Washington that experienced many of the same issues as Richmond, that healthier communities results in healthier people.

Therefore, the illnesses that this asian american were experiencing were not from genetic factors, but from environmental factors that played a major role on his individual health. In order for people to be healthier, poor communities need to be rebuilt in such a way that there can be good quality lifestyles such as parks, playgrounds, and services that people can utilize to reduce the amount of stress factors that people in these poor communities are experiencing.

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  1. Moriah Hill says:

    Environmental factors play a very large role in health just like the other factors that can cause an illness. If a person is not living in a healthy environment, it is hard for them to live a healthy lifestyle.
    A possible solution to this health problem could be to move to a more economically stable place that is a healthier environment. The problem with that is that most people who live in this situation do not have the means to move anywhere else or anywhere better. Another option would be to start with the community itself, community service such as cleaning up he neighborhood can lead to a healthier environment because it is cleaner. Institutions could offer low income health care for people can not afford it.The most effective solution to me would be starting with the environment itself and cleansing and reconstructing it.
    My solution is more economical. It deals with the environment and community. the people of the community could come together to better their area of living so that it can be healthier for them all. The government should help and play a role in the improvement of areas in poverty but it also is a responsibility of the people that live in the community.
    As Ethan stated, “healthier communities results in healthier people.”

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