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Danielle’s post was a difficult one to think of a solution for because the underlying disease at hand is not one disease but many. I think the solution to this issue based on the increased risk of disease due to poverty would only be available with government aide or programs to help those who were affected by the forced transition. These people were forced to change their entire lifestyles and survive with very minimal aide even though they were forced to start their lives from scratch with significantly decreased financial means. If there were programs put into place to allow these people healthcare for a longer period than previous allowed and more access to various job or advancement opportunities it would allow the people a chance to restart and build their lives again. This solution is a mix of political, economical and ecological because it would have to do with these peoples access to the things they need in their environment (ecological), job opportunities and health care (economical) and the only way programs could be easily put into place is with governmental aide (political). The responsibility for these types of reforms would almost entirely be the governing bodies responsibility however, small communities backing the programs would also be a major benefit to the communities economy (long -term) and help accelerate the rebuilding process for these families in need.

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