week 2 reflection comment

I think that Naomi had a very good description of the relationship between genetics, race and health. One thing I think may add to her description is how the health and genetics generally interconnect and contribute to peoples overall risk of disease. In the case of her example of the Pima tribe, it would be appropriate to say that not only their genetics but also their health, such as diet, levels of exercise and availability of healthcare play a major factor in the communities increased risk of diabetes. Health and genetics tend to have additive properties with each other. If a person has a high risk for diabetes genetically, but is very healthy, that person would have a much lower risk for the disease than if they were not healthy. I feel that racial categories have no real applications to clinical medicine because race is so difficult to define. As an example, it would be difficult to define someone who is mixed African and Caucasian descent, would they be classified as black or white or in their own category? I think it would better to simply stick to genetic attributes in the clinical setting because this way, a physician can focus on medical history and look at correlations with that specific individuals past and not an entire history of a people to help diagnose one individual person.

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