Bad Sugar

I only managed to score a 5/10 on the Health Equity quiz, so most of the statistics and facts given were really shocking to me. I was especially surprised to see that the United States is ranked 29th in the world for life expectancies of its people. As one of the more wealthy countries around the world, it was really astounding to see that we were ranked so low in comparison to other countries. I expected the United States to at least rank in the top 10 in the world, if not even higher than that, maybe top 5. The quiz also informed me that the United States spends more than half of all of the dollars spent towards health care and medicine around the world, and that the average American citizen spends nearly double towards health care than any person in another country, which was pretty shocking to me as well.

The video “Bad Sugar” is about the increased rate of diabetes in the Pima tribe in Native Americans and how it effects their people on an every day basis. Most of the tribe lives in extreme poverty. Because of this, most are malnourished and have little to no access to clean water and healthy food sources. Many are forced to eat whatever they can find, mostly fried foods that have no nutritional value whatsoever, which is a large contributor to diabetes, not to mention other diseases and illnesses, in these Native American people.

As for non-genetic factors contributing to this health disparity of diabetes, there are many. Many of the Pima people have no access to healthy food and clean water because they live in poverty, forcing them to be limited to unhealthy, sugar filled, fast food diets.  The rate of diabetic people is significantly lower in more wealthy populations that are not living in poverty. The diabetes doesn’t have much to do with the genetic make up of these people, but the food that they are eating.

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  1. Valencia Smith says:

    A possible health solution to the problems in the Pima tribes could include wells for clean water. The access to this alone, could increase the health of the people as a whole. With the clean water, hygiene would be benefited as well. Another solution could be for the government to form some type of agreement that would allow the Pima people to grow their own crops. Fresh vegetables and fruits would tremendously increase the well being of everyone. I don’t exactly know how the government would go about do this or what the official agreement would consist of, but I think that it would be beneficial. It could help the Pima people to make money and sell their crops. This solves the problem of the extreme poverty and malnutrition. These solutions are political and economical. The government would be responsible for solving this health disparity as well as the locals. Doctors can even get involved with helping to inform the Pima tribe about ways to eat better and inform them about what diabetes does to the body. My solution involves a collaborative effort of a lot of areas but I believe together, change could save many lives in the Pima tribes and others as well.

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