Bad Sugar

I did AWFUL on the quiz. I was honestly mad because I consider myself healthy and I think I got two things correct. There were a lot of statistics that surprised me but to be honest, the one that I was most surprised about (maybe naively) was that our country is 29th for American life expectancy compared to other countries. The other one that maybe didn’t surprise me but made me angry was that we spend half as much on health care per person than other industrialized countries. Health care is such an issue in our country so I shouldn’t be surprised. However, it’s still sad that we can’t find some way to ensure people have proper health care.


The case study I focused on was “bad sugar.” This case study focuses on the Native Americans of the United States. The study talks about the issue with diabetes among the population. The combination of stress and little control over their food sources after being placed on reservations contributed to the epidemic of diabetes. For Native Americans to get better, the idea of cultural renewal programs is what might fix the epidemic. Giving Native Americans land rights will allow them to regain their connections to the lands they were removed from so long ago.


Non-genetic factors I think can define the diabetes epidemic in the Native American community. Native Americans were forced to live off of what the US government provided them after being moved off their land and put on reservations. The added stress of not having the land connection that they were used to spiritually and nutritionally disabled them from providing nutrition for their families. They were unable to hunt and farm like they had been doing and had to live off of government foods which were unhealthy and not what their communities were used to.


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