“Bad Sugar”

When I took the health quiz I honestly thought I was going to do better than expected. If I am not mistaken I got a 5/10 on the quiz. I found it most interesting when it talked about how people in other countries have better health than those in the US even though they are not as developed as the US.  I also thought that we would have been at least in the top 10 for life expectancy. I had no idea that we are so far below.

The film I watched was “Bad Sugar”. In this film it focused on the Prima Native tribe and type two diabetes. The Prima tribe’s main source of food came from the Gila River.  Once projects started to come upon the Gila River it caused for the Prima tribes to loose great access to the water. With doing so processed foods were introduced to the area and it made it hard for them to grow their own crops. They couldn’t hunt for their food like they used to be able to. They were then forced to consume what they had access to which wasn’t the healthiest for them. Its many factors that could be a reason to why type two diabetes became popular amongst the tribe.  You can add in stress as a main factor due to the change in their resources, their diets changed completely with limited amounts of healthy food. Non-genetic factors that contributed to the increase of type two diabetes amongst the tribe would be those listed above (stress, processed foods and lack of exercise). Just imagine how stressful and confusing it would be for you to have your land taken away from you especially if that was your main source of food and fresh water.  The Prima Natives relied on that land for their survival and it was taken away from them and they were then introduced to a non-healthy lifestyle. Without them having to hunt for their food and having to really cook it for themselves decreased their activity level and not to mention processed foods aren’t the healthiest and that helped them develop diabetes.

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