Bad Sugar

On the Health Equity Quiz I scored a 4/10, with most of the statistics being surprising to me. The most surprising being the difference in in life expectancy among counties in the United States. I never put much thought into the idea that lives can differ grandly in different parts of the country.

“Bad Sugar” is a video that describes the increased rate of diabetes in Pima Native Americans and how their lives have changed because of it. People are not happy with the idea of Diabetes and just call it having bad sugar. Most people know someone with type 2 diabetes or are dealing with it, they think it is so common that if a relative gets it that they think that they are destined to get it. It shows how their land that they live off has changed since their ancestors lived there and how it has affected their daily lives. Their whole way of culture has changed because they have no water and most of them live under the poverty line and are forced to eat fast food instead of healthy food which causes obesity and then type 2 diabetes. Their increased glucose levels are caused in part by their diet and the society that they live in, but it is also caused by stress hormones which makes their glucose levels in their blood increase and caused diabetes. The video ends with showing the increased effort that people are making to try to fight this increase in diabetes so that they may live longer and happier lives.

There are many non-genetic reasons for the increase in diabetes in the Pima Native Americans. The biggest being their socioeconomic status, being so far under the poverty line causes them to eat low quality of food which in large quantities can cause the diabetes and obesity that they are experiencing. Their poverty was mainly caused by the damming of the river that fed them and their crops, so they had to rely on the government which only gave them the low quality of food that they have had to survive on.

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