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I only scored a 4 out of 10 on the Health Equity Quiz, so I actually found many of the statistics shocking. One that really upset me was the fact that the United States is tied for 29th place in terms of life expectancy, even though we are the second wealthiest country in the world. I would have thought we would at least place in the top five. It was also very surprising to me that as little as 50 years ago, we were in fact rated in the top five for life expectancy, so we must be doing something wrong to have gone down that far in 50 years.

This video is about the Pima tribe and their unfortunate experiences with type 2 diabetes. Members of their culture have increased risk factors of attaining this disease. It is said in the video that it has nothing to do with the amount of medicine in the pharmacy, but everything to do with social determinance of health. They live in an impoverished community, with little to no options for healthy food choices. They mostly live off fried foods. They don’t even have clean water to bathe and drink from. These people living on reservations are living in poverty, and therefore are so discouraged and have lost a sense of self-worth. The diabetes rate in some poor Native American reservations is as high as 50%. Reasons like these are just a few that support the fact that how much wealth you have is the biggest indicator of how healthy you will be.

There are so many non-genetic factors that have contributed to this diabetes epidemic. Most of it goes back to the fact that these people are living in disadvantaged communities. They have been uprooted from their original territories, they have lost their water source, they have no healthy foods nearby to eat, and they don’t receive proper medical treatment. The mindset of the people is also a factor, because they are so discouraged and depressed that they sometimes think they will get it just because people they know have diabetes. They are currently working to prevent the illness, rather than just treating those who have contracted it.

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