Becoming American

I found the quiz extremely interesting. I only got two of the questions right on the quiz, and for many of the questions I had to guess. The questions I found most interesting were the question about how much money we spend on healthcare compared to other industrialized countries and the question about the group that has the best overall health in our country. With the amount of money we spend on healthcare, the rates of disease and cancer should be a lot lower than the are. Especially in a first world country like ours.

The episode I chose to summarize is the third episode called “Becoming America”. I chose this episode because it relates back to one of the questions I found most interesting. This episode showed that Latino immigrants were healthier before they immigrated to The United States. The reason for this is because they started to become “Americanized” and go along with our culture and diet, which led to poorer health. They also can not get proper healthcare because of their economic status.


Some non-genetic factors that explain health disparities are social and economic factors.  Studies show that social class is a determining factor in health, often due to their lack of access to healthcare. Cultural factors can also come into play such as diet, exercise, and a culture’s specific belief in types of healthcare. Although genetics has a huge impact on health, sometimes non-genetic factors can be even more prominent in determining the length and quality of a person’s life.

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