Becoming American

I actually took the Health Equity quiz seriously, I answered honestly to be surprised in the little I know about us Americans. I received a score of 5/10 only because I guessed on some and happened to get them right. What surprised me the most was the American life expectancy. I thought, for such a developed country, we would for sure be in the top five at least. To find out that we ranked 29-31st place at 77.9 years, was pretty shocking to me. Although we are living longer than we did in the 1950’s, other countries have a higher life expectancy rate than we do. After taking this quiz, I no longer think that a developed country means better health amongst its population.

I watched, Unnatural Causes 3, “ Becoming American.” This video is about the effect America has on immigrants health they longer they live here. People thought that immigrants brought their diseases with them from their country. Researchers found that to be false. New immigrants were healthier than the average American, with no illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Immigrants run the risk of discrimination, low paying jobs, bad schools and bad housing. They come from a culture that is family oriented but the poverty they experience leads them to work long hours and are away from their families most of the day. One in four immigrants drop out of school and 1 in seven girls attempt suicide. The longer immigrants stayed in America, the more at risk for illness they are. After five years, they have increased blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. The amount of stress immigrants are under because of low income and trying to make a better life for themselves. The stress of trying to fit in and getting adjusted to the American culture and away from their own leads to these illnesses.

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  1. holechri says:

    I wouldn’t sweat too much about the healthcare quiz. I believe that the majority of us got put in their places in terms of knowledge about the system of healthcare and overall health in the US in comparison to that of other nations. As for the “Becoming American” video, I was quite surprised to find out that an immigrant’s health often declines the longer that they live within the US. For me I guess that it is because of being raised into thinking that the US is the greatest nation while simultaneously learning about starvation, disease, and other struggles within the other nations of the world. But once the health and healthcare systems in the US is compared to that of other nations with higher standards of living it begins to make more sense. The health Quiz talked about Japan and other nations such as Norway having a better standard of health and living compared to the standings of the US. The videos watched provide a good supplementing background for one another. The idea of discrimination in the mix of all of this also piqued my interest. Its something as a non-minority immigrant that we do not think about. The lower income level that many are stuck living with along wit discrimination for opportunities to better themselves and provide themselves with expensive medical examinations and treatments really seem as if they would leave a strong impact on the health of immigrants.

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