Breast Cancer among White Women

The disease I chose to look at for the group I identify with, is breast cancer.

Line chart showing the changes in breast cancer incidence rates for women of various races and ethnicities.

This graph shows that white women are ranked just slightly higher than African American women and have been declining more quickly than the incidence in African American women. I don’t think that genetics has to do with the incidence of the disease.  It is very possible that a higher incidence of breast cancer in white women could be do to our diets, lack of exercise, or other health-related cultural differences.  However, I find it very interesting that the incidence rates are declining so slowly in African Americans compared to other races. Many studies have shown that there is a significant association between socioeconomic status and the mortality rate of the disease. All white communities often have better access to healthcare and this may have led to the disparities in death rates from the disease.

I think that race and genetics both play an important role in ones health, but in very different ways. A person’s  race often is a determining factor in socioeconomic status, cultural customs, and diet, which all affect health greatly. Genetics plays an even bigger role because it predetermines ones health.


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