Heart Disease among Caucasian Women



Race, genetics, and health are all very different terms but can be tied together fairly easily. Race and genetics go hand in hand when talking about health. Depending on your race you can acquire certain diseases that others might not be able to contract. Same thing with your genetic make up. Depending on what type of alleles you get from your parents you could be prone to certain types of illnesses, defects, or health issues. Examples from class could include how people living in certain areas affect their health. Difference races live in different areas, for example, costal West Africans have lives in the same place for numerous years. The deadly disease Malaria has also been around for thousands of years and has mutated into this race. Malaria is so common most children are infected with the disease. For most of the West African population the disease is not fatal because they have developed a resistance in their genes, this is the sickle gene. Urinary schistosomiasis is a major disease that is in Egypt. Water was irrigated and controlled which caused a homeostatic imbalance between the village populations and their surrounding environments. Depending on your race, gender and socioeconomic line your probability of contracting this disease was variable.

I chose heart disease among caucasian women because it is the leading cause of death in middle aged caucasian women. Americans have the stereotype of being fat and lazy, and i would have to agree with that stereotype. If the leading cause of death in america is something that we can prevent we are definitely doing something wrong. Over 1/3 of the American population is considered obese, and obesity leads to cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes which then leads to heart diseases. We are an unhealthy race with all of the fast food and high sugary foods we intake on a day to day basis.

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