“Not Just a Paycheck”

I unfortunately only got a 6/10 on the health equity quiz. One question that really shocked me was that the US is tied for 31st place in life expectancy. We are one of the wealthiest nations on the planet yet our people aren’t living as long as the people in some less developed countries. Another thing that shocked me was that the US spends significantly more on health care compared to other industrialized countries, yet we still have many health problems. The people in Greenville, Michigan have been suffering significantly because of plant closings in their area. Many people have lost their jobs and now are looking for work. One major problem is that there are no jobs to be found. Many people are out of work but have no options available to them when it comes to finding a new job, or living between jobs. This has directly impacted the health of the workers as well. In a local hospital they saw a three time increase in people coming into the ER with depression, suicidal thoughts, and just no idea how to continue on with their lives. They also showed a CEO living near Greenville and compared his life to the people who recently lost their jobs. He not only had more money and less stress, but he also was able to provide extras such as a private basketball court to continue to keep himself healthy. In the video they compared a man who worked at the company in Greenville, Michigan but moved to Sweden. He was then layed off there. However, he received very different care when he was between jobs. The man received financial assistance as long as he continued on with his education or looked for another job. This differs greatly from the residents living in Greenville. Stress is a huge contributor when dealing with health problems the people in Greenville are facing. Non-genetic factors such as struggling to pay the bills, having no job, and having no prospective idea about work impact a person hugely. Socioeconomic status is a crucial factor in determining if a person is able to stay healthy or not.

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