Skin Cancer In Gingers And Other Fair Skinned Individuals

My topic I have chosen is something that hits home with me pretty hard is skin cancer. This is because I am one of the people in our society dubbed as a “Ginger”. When I travel to beach locations or any other place during the spring or summer seasons I easily become sunburned. Walking through campus has even given me sunburn due to being outside more than twenty minutes out in the sun. Any people who are considered light-skinned provides a larger risk of sunburn and melanoma.

Genetic factors essentially play the largest role, maybe 80% in my opinion, in what makes light skinned people susceptible to sun burn. The other percentage would be lifestyle-based due to the application of sunscreen.  This graph below explains the percentage of ethnic groups who get sunburn in bot hale and female demographics.


The percentage of those who are susceptible to sunburn is those with lighter skin tones compared to ethnic groups with darker skin tones. Sunburn increases the risk of the skin cancers from the UV radiation of the sun entering the body. The radiation provides a chance of those skin cells in the area to develop some form of genetic mutation. This mutation begins so spread and the skin cancer becomes more widespread throughout the body. (

Genetics play a factor in this mutation chances as well as through the concentration of melanin throughout the body. In those with darker skin tones, much of the melanin is often dispersed through the body evenly. However, in light skinned individuals, melanin is distributed in concentrated groups which, when provided with UV radiation, tan markings in the skin grow in clumps which develop freckles.

I am always concerned with the issue of skin cancer. As I have gotten older different moles have developed on my skin in locations that have often been burned. The issue is unfortunate for those without the capability for health insurance or health care of any kind as it takes a professional observation as to which marking or skin tag is considered a harmful thing.


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