Stroke among African American Women

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I identify as a African American woman and I chose to write about Strokes because I recently lost my mother to this disease. Stroke is a form of cardiovascular disease. It occurs when the arteries that provide blood supply to the brain is reduced this can be caused by clots or a bursts. So this causes the brain to no receive oxygen and food, so the cells on the brain begin to die immediately. It is also know as a “brain attack” . When this happens, either side of the brain can be affected. It causes paralysis, vision loss, and speech loss, etc.
There are two forms of strokes ischemic and hemorrhagic. Ischemic is when blood supply to the brain is blocked by a blood clot. It can be plaque that has built up over time that clogs the artery. Which can be caused by either a thrombotic stroke, which an artery that is very narrow causes the blood clot. An embolic stroke is blood clots that may have been broken off from another vessel in the brain. The second form is hemorrhagic which is when a vessel in the brain bursts open and leaks into the brain, which could cause an Aneurysm or Arteriovenous malformation.
It is prevalent among African American because its twice the risk of first strokes compared to whites. High blood pressure in African American in the United States is the highest in the world. The death rates are higher than other non African Americans. Blacks between the ages of 35-54 old have four times the risk for stroke. Strokes stem from high blood pressure and heart disease.
This is often more common because of socially, physically and psychological. For more reasons its because of the environments that many African Americans live in. For example, from the material we have covered this week about the information on “Place Matters” where the man had heart diseasethat lead to a heart attack. However, he had to keep working and still had to deal with the fact he just lost his daughter to violence. High blood pressure can be common amongst African American because they more are obese and eat more unhealthy foods. However, some time heart disease can be genetically because evidence has shown if several people in a family have experience or died from heart disease it is likely that it could carry to the next generation. This week material covered that race, genetics and health are related but not limited to different aspects of environment and social aspects.


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  1. Vu Ho says:

    It is true that based on research that African American women do have the highest prevalence of stroke out of all the other race in United States. I also did my post about African American that they have the highest prevalence of common cardiovascular disease such as stroke, diabetes, heart attack, etc, and they also mentioned the highest rate obesity. Just as you mentioned about social, physical and psychological perspective are the example of correlation that leads to a higher stoke. In the video “place Matter” being an lower income employee that have less control over life and the environment can be very stressful. And if the amount of stress are not reduced can lead to hormonal imbalance such as prolonged release of cortisol can damage tissues. Another that you mentioned is their diet, low income does eat more processed food because either it’s cheaper or time saving. But consequently many processed food are not nutritional compared to fresh food. And last about mentioning about genetics, there have been research that they found about certain gene that could contributes to higher rate of stroke. It seems that there a gene that affect the ApoE variant that makes handling of triglycerides inefficient and cause an increase level. Knowing that higher triglycerides level could be the leading cause of African American with higher prevalence of cardiovascular disease such as stroke.

    Weill Cornell Medical College. “‘Rare’ gene common in African descendants, may contribute to heart disease.” ScienceDaily. (accessed July 11, 2014).

    • Vu Ho says:

      In my opinion about catagory of race in medicine for now might be seem crude because with the current technology that possible disease can be traced for every individual. But those cost will be enormous to scan everyone for disease. For now it could be used to categorize each race to point out possible process to certain disease. But I also have an opinion about disease of geographical origin to be bit more precise.

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