Week 2 Activity

I got myself a 6/10 on the quiz. I am not too upset with it, I figured I would do much much worse. The questions I answered correctly mostly pertained to the comparison of the US standings in overall health and lifestyles compared to other countries. This also pertained to the groups of questions about life expectancy in the population. The questions that gave me the most difficulty were those about the percentage differences in minorities with the lack of green-life. I had a bit of understanding of the other questions due to other classes taken in previous years.

In Sickness and in Wealth really caught my interest from its topic. I have taken other classes relating to the idea of wealth and economic standings in how it becomes a problem in the health of the poorer percentage of the population. Lack of wealth and the expensiveness of healthy, organic foods as well as the costs of modern health care provides to be an issue for those who cannot afford it in their lives without support of the government. The episode¬†In Sickness and in Wealth explores different levels of economic standing and tracks the lifestyles if these groups in hopes to show what makes the differences in their health. The episode tracks these different levels and then explores the choices and available selection of foods, what healthcare is affordable, as well as the capability to relieve stress that their lifestyles and schedules allow for. I believe that all of the previously mentioned situations are lifestyle based issues for health compared to genetic factors in one’s life that contributes to health issues. I believe that the combination of both lifestyle and predisposition to genetics play large factors in the idea of a person’s health. The episode relates to the health quiz quite well because it discusses slightly about the lifestyle of different groups of people and their health.


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  1. Drew Selden says:

    I’d agree with you when you say that the combo of lifestyle and genetics play large factors in the idea of a person’s health. Lifestyle to me is the choices you make on how you’re going to live your life. But what if your environment options are very limited or non existent (i.e. No grocery stores with fresh produce) and you have to base your lifestyle decisions around factors like this. Then it seems that socioeconomic and environmental factors play a much larger role in the health of an individual because these directly determine lifestyle choices.
    There is really no simple solution but an idea for fresh produce in inner cities and low income areas would be to farm it on certain blocks in the city, something very similar to what certain parts in Detroit are doing. There should be some incentive to grow and some interaction between the government and the locals, but for the most part the responsibility would have to be up to the individuals of the communities.

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