White American with European Influence and Obesity

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Based on one’s ethnicity, one may have a much higher or much lower risk of developing various different types health problems. However, these health complications where someone develops these diseases is not actually caused because of the race or the ethnicity directly that said person possesses . As discussed in this weeks lecture, the concept of race does not actually have any biological evidence to support it at all. This means that being a different race is not changing someone’s health biologically. The reason we can study the diseases based on races and ethnicities is because different factors may affect these people leading to different prevalence of illnesses among different racial groups of people. Different races and ethnicities, for example, may live in different areas and they then would be exposed to different conditions that cause may have a link to these diseases. Also, being wealthier or poorer can affect health. If a groups of people are more likely to be wealthy (for example, white Americans) they will also be more likely to be able to have health insurance and be more likely to be able to avoid or take care of illnesses that other groups do not have the resources to treat. I think that obesity is more prevalent among the race and ethnicity I identify with (which is white people and northern european people) because of the lifestyles these people take on. Most white Americans and European-Americans have a very relatively unhealthy lifestyle where they consume foods with poor nutritional value and do not exercise nearly enough which causes them to become overweight or obese. There are also different genetic factors that play a role. For example, diabetes can be genetic and is very common among this group which is a disease that can often lead to weight gain and result in obesity.


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