Week 3: Reflection Post Prompt

Title: This week we have seen several examples of healers in various ethnomedical systems and healthcare sectors. Choose one to reflect on further (e.g. “Clown Doctors in NYC” or “Medical doctors in Japan”)

Body: (300 words)

  • Summarize the article/link/film(s) you are reflecting on
  • Who are the healers, what is their social status, what techniques do they use, and how do they interact with their patients?
  • Describe the system/sector(s) and the culture they operate in – How is healthcare delivered in this system? How are the body and symptoms understood and treated?

Comment: (200 words)

  • Choose a post that identified a different healer and/or system in their title
  • How do they compare to biomedical doctors and/or how healthcare is delivered in the U.S.? Do these healers seem credible, legitimate, effective, etc? Justify your answer

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  1. Colleen Drabek says:

    Just to be clear—we choose 1 article or 1 film to reflect on? We don’t have to include references to more than one of the materials provided?

  2. Josh Williams says:

    Riasia chose to write her reflection on the Hmong shamans at Mercy hospital in California. These shamans are very unique in that their treatments stem from the beliefs of a very specific group of people and their practices do not hold much ground in the western scientific biomedical health system. These healers at Mercy hospital are not brought in to replace doctors, but to assist them with a component of western medicine that our doctors tend to ignore or overlook; the spiritual or emotional component of the patient. These healer’s practices are much different and consist of treatment of the soul more than the physical body. They include complex spiritual rituals to exorcise demons and cleanse the soul. These healers do seem very effective in this hospital setting because they allow a combination of spiritual and physical health care that not only fixes the physical illness or injury of the human body, but also helps the patient recover emotionally and spiritually from whatever it is that ails them. These healers like any other healer from a specific faith are legitimate because not only have they been trained in their own art, which may have existed for centuries, but they have also licensed by the hospital and work directly with doctors to make a cumulative process of spiritual and physical healing.

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