Clown Doctors in NYC

The article Clown Doctors: Shaman Healers of Western Medicine is about the relation between doctors that dress up as clowns in the pediatric side of the hospital and Shaman healers. Not only do they both have a superficial resemblance, which would include the odd costumes, props, and music but also the function of their purpose. Both the clowns and the shamans preform and manipulate medical symbols in order to relieve the patients and or their parents/ families who are in distress. Both of these professions create a sort of therapy that could enhance the efficiency of medical treatment especially for children in this case.

The healers are the clowns and the shamans in this case. More focused on the clown doctors, they used techniques that the doctors carried around in a bag of goodies that consisted of magic tricks, muppets, musical instruments, bubble solution, juggling balls, and other props. Using these props the doctors would make rounds and as they would they would cheer up the children with various magic tricks and show. Shamans use methods similar to these with healer spirits. By using music, rhythm, and chanting shamans connect with healer spirits.

Doctor clowns operate in an upbeat and modern setting while shamans are usually in the comfort of a home or hospital as well. Clown doctors are used to increase spirits of children and families using instances of happiness. Shamans bring in spiritual healers to help the process of healing. Both actions are psychological. By advancing your outlook on if you will get increasingly healthier or not will also increase your chance to actually get well. Clown doctors were chosen because clowns are silly and bring laughter into peoples lives. Their main job is to bring joy and comfort in thinking that I am okay right at this moment, and this moment is good for me. Shamans alleviate the problem and diagnose you. They bring in spirit healers to help your healing process which just means that they are giving you the insight to think that you are going to be okay, and that you will get through this with inner help.

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