This article focuses on the different methods of healing patients non traditionally. They compare clown doctors known as the Clown Care Unit (CCU) to shamans and alternative healers. They give examples relating h0w clowns can be beneficial to the patients health and help the patients family. These ‘doctors’ are not a new form of healthcare in the world, instead there are several different cultures around the world who have used similar methods to help heal patients. By using clown doctors it is shown that it increases the whole body health for a sick patient. When reading this article it discusses how clown doctors and shamans have a lot in common in their methods. Like the costumes they wear, the tricks they perform to deceive the patient, and using out of the ordinary behaviors. This article talks of clown doctors but also other alternative forms of medicine.

The healers are the clown doctors which now have two different associations. The CCU and the Clown Ministry a movement used in American Protestantism. These ‘healers’ go through different types of training to allow them into the hospitals to perform appropriate methods of healing. The social status of the Clown Doctors are at a very high status. They are seen as a great help to the doctors, family, and patient. They help the doctors to distract the patient while performing tasks and help to ease the patients worries of being in a hospital. The Clown Doctors are respected in the community and the hospital workers and patients enjoy their help and services. These doctors use tricks and distractions to help deceive the patient and make them more comfortable in their environment.These Clown Doctors are used in the American Society as a non western healing method. These doctors work with western healthcare professionals to deliver care and comfort.


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