Clown Doctors in NYC

The article starts off comparing a medical doctor and a clown doctor, showing that they both suit up for the day with the intention of helping children get better, the main difference is that the clown doctor does not help the kids through medical terms, they help the children heal through laughter. The clown doctors would help to distract the patients while they were having scary or painful procedures done to help calm them. They went on to compare clown doctors to shamans, in the idea that clowns use theatrics and jokes to heal where shamans use rituals and ceremonies to help heal, both being mainly theatrics to distract the person from their issues. It went on to describe for shamans and clown doctors that they both being the mediators between order and chaos, meaning that they both use some method to distract or divert people from becoming confused, lost, sad, scared or even injured and moves them towards following the rules, health codes, and complying with what their medical doctors need them to do.

The healers in this article are the clown doctors, they are thought to be at the same social level as the doctors because they interact with the children and patients just as much but in slightly for comedic terms. They use theatrics like performances, puppets, balloons to help distract the patients and help them to remain calm during their procedures or help them to deal with their stress. They make jokes with the patients, perform for them, and make them laugh.

The sector that the clown doctors work in is a mix between professional and folk, the folk being the shaman side and the professional being the doctor side. For the clown doctors, the illness is not all physical, it is mainly psychological, so they try to alleviate the mental stress and pain that is inflicting on the patient.

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