Binge-Eating Disorder in the United States

Binge-Eating Disorder is one that has become an eating disorder that can be fit in to the category “eating disorders not otherwise specified”, but is growing increasingly important as we see the correlation that BED has with obesity in the United States. BED is consistently and often found as being comorbid with substance abuse, sexual abuse, addiction, as well as psychiatric diseases such as depression, anxiety, and obsessive compulsive disorder. The biological predispositions for these other experiences, and familial patterns can increase the risk for BED to occur in an individual. With multiple factors in play of BED, there is also trouble in identifying BED to begin with. Many of the patients that are diagnosed via the DSM with binge-eating disorder, are merely concerned with their obesity, and it is then identified that there is disordered eating involved. Individual’s, therefore, are either not well informed on the broad spectrum of eating disorders in general, which falls into the place of society and culture. I believe that in our culture, much of the disordered eating that occurs has become a thing that is “healthy eating” when really, if we look at the restrictive dieting, and the pressure to be healthy, it is sad to see that many are then falling into a habit of yo-yo dieting, or binge-purging as it is not a sustainable way to balance our nutritional needs as human beings.

In terms of treatment, there are many different routes that have been taken. Such as, antidepressents including Prozac, Fluoxetine, which is a selective seretonin reuptake inhibitor. At least in the article I read, the focus of treatment seemed to be summarized to dieting, and moving top down (treating the obesity, rather than the BED) by means of diet plans, including but not limited to low-calorie diets, and weight-loss programs.

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