Clown Doctors in NYC

Surprisingly, there is a group called Clown Doctor working in the hospital. When I think of a hospital, I think of an area consist of only doctors, nurses and patients in a quieter environment for them to heal. And who would have thought that there are clown to help the patients! It seems that the clowns that are in the hospital are not regular clown, but they are specially educated and trained to work in the hospital environment. Just like a regular clown, without their makeup they are just normal person, but when with makeup is a clown to not just act but to treat a certain “injury”. The article mention about the similarity to a shaman. Similar of both clown and shaman, they have a special status, the status of strange and unusual. The way they dress, movements and reaction toward the patient can be compared as something strange to the society.

In the article mentioned the Clown Doctor act just like a regular clowns. They act in a way to create a reaction from the patients of all ages. For example, in front a child might use puppets to make them laugh to distract them from the fear from the hospital, or act in a way that is obvious for children to fix their “mistake”. For older patients the Clown Doctor may act differently that are age appropriate with different jokes and humorous acts. But their job isn’t just making them laugh. Unlike the regular clown I read to found out that they also input a detailed recording of the patient’s reaction. Are they still focused in feeling of pain, are they still nervous before visiting the doctor for treatment, are the parents worried about the next surgical procedure? Those are just the few question that are brainstormed and analyze for possible improvement for the patients.

Though the Clown Doctor cannot treat physical disease, they seems to be helping them for a “mental preparedness”. The doctors and nurses are clinical disease, then clown are there to treat for “psychologically injury”. One good example is a burned patient, though he is treated by the doctor, the boy is mentally injured, possibly realized that his body are being burned can cause him sadness, fear, and confusion. This is when the clowns comes in to help the boy mentally treated by helping him distracted from thinking about his burn. Though the Clown Doctor cannot treat disease, they are somewhat complementary for psychological healing. It is not just the physical health are needed to be treated, but also emphasize the importance of mental health.

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