Clown Doctors in NYC

The article is about “clown doctors” that work in hospitals in New York City. Clown doctors are not medical doctors with a degree but work in hospitals, particularly children’s hospital, to cheer up staff, patients, and family members. This article takes us through the typical day of a clown and how they help those in need. The clowns are also compared to Shaman healers, whom work in the spiritual world. Both of these healers are not normal by western means of medicine but and thought to help in the mental and psychological form. In fact, the clowns do not claim to cure anything and are aware their job is just to help the medical doctors preform their job much easier and keep others in good spirits and try to forget about their medical needs. In conclusion the article agreed with the clowns that they are a beneficial aspect in attaining patient compliance and satisfactory in the hospital setting.

The healers in the article are the clowns that work in the hospitals. Their Social Status I would say is not very high in the public because many people do not realize how valuable they can be. These clowns are not making as much money as the medical doctors, which in todays western society seems to be how social status is made. However, I would say the clowns do have a high status inside the hospitals. The doctors, patients, and families all seem to be cheered up and in better moods when the clowns come to visit which means that they are valued greatly and do have a high social status. The clowns interact by doing such thing as magic and using water guns to play with the children and acting out things to make everyone feel more comfortable.

The system the clowns work in is children’s hospitals in New York City. This health care system looks at disease and physical symptoms that can be cured by surgery or pharmaceuticals. This is typically a high stress environment with people in a worrisome mind and the body is treated as to cure things physically wrong. The clowns are seen as someone to cure the mind and do not look at things in the typical mindset of a doctor.

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