Clown Doctors in NYC

Clown Doctors in NYC was basically a way to look at an alternative therapy that is occurring here in the United States, that is related to a universal form of healing, as we see in Shamanism. The Clown Doctors use a type of therapy that brings a light-heartedness to what may otherwise feel daunting and defeating. The Clown Doctors appear to have a culturally “shocking” view of what should be brought into a hospital setting, as usually the hospital is reserved and maintained as a strict environment, as usually there are many vulnerable people within that space. 

Clown Doctors allow us to look outside of the box, and view what socially may be considered out of the ordinary, but what shows real improvement and even added treatment to patients. The Circus Clowns want to help others, and that’s what they are there to do. The CCU uses silly props, outlandish outfits and tools, to make the environment a less serious and dark atmosphere. Patient interaction is kept light, it is a way to balance out what may be a sad space for people and their friends and family to be.

CCU primarily focuses on the the hospital care aspect of health, and this is a usually sterile and strict environment. Having the CCU involved in such a place is what brings the similarity to Shamanism into play–as these are behaviors and play that is not normally the focus or attention in a space of the Western traditional healing. It is a break from tradition in a sense that the CCU is not just seeking to cure the physical ailments by form of biology or medicine, but cure is viewed as multi-dimensional, such as cures for the spirit, the social interactions, and the mental states of the patients. In this such case, humor is used as a way to connect and heal patients, alongside the medical treatment they receive.

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