Clown Doctors in NYC

I chose to talk about the “Clown Doctors” article because I thought it was very interesting and never realized this was happening in major hospitals.  Being a clown doctor is an actual occupations. They come into the hospital to ease a patient’s tensions, for example a pediatric patient. In this case, the clown doctors are the healers.  They may not be fixing physical body parts like medical doctors are able to do, but they are lifting up the patients emotionally and mentally. The clown doctor’s presence in the hospital is appreciated by mostly everyone. Hospital staff appreciates the doctor clown’s role because it can potentially make their job easier. Clown doctors role techniques with patients and families vary. Sometimes they act like they can’t actually fix a problem or do the magic trick they were going to do.  Then the pediatric patient will be able to tell or show how to do the magic trick correctly, making the child feel happy and confident. The clown doctor will also help out the medical doctor or nurse while distracting the patient when they are doing a treatment or something uncomfortable is being done on the patient. The clown doctors will also console patient’s families that are having a hard time dealing with a sick family member. Happy, friendly, and consolation are what the roles of these clowns in the hospitals are supposed to be. After reading the article “Clown Doctors” it sounds like that is exactly what is happening in the hospitals they go into. The system and culture the clown doctors operate in, is typically our western medicine hospitals. Doctors, nurses, and PA’s normally treat healthcare, but in cases where a doctor clown is available, they can deliver emotional healthcare. We have realized the body does not just have physical needs to taken care of but there is a mental part that needs to be healthy as well in order to heal as a whole. There are also mental and emotional symptoms that need to be taken into consideration when treating a patient, and for this is why clown doctors have come to exist.

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  1. Delisa Quayson says:

    Incorporating other forms of healing is become more and more common in our biomedical approach to disease and illness. This weeks slides have given few examples of this new trend and the projected growth of it in the future. I believe these non-medical healers like the Shamans and clown doctors are performing vital functions that aid and compliment the work of medical doctors. The biomedical approach diagnoses and comes up with a strategy to treat disease by help of pills, surgery, therapy…etc but the healers provide mental and spiritual comfort. The services these clown doctors provide in cheering up patients and their families, distracting from the stress of illness has been proven by studies to aid recovery. Earlier in the course we were asked to define health and i, as well as other students in this class, included sound mental, social and physiological fitness in our definitions of health. For some people to be well or healthy they do not only require a healthy body, but sound mental health and spiritual health. These areas are not necessarily the concern of the medical doctor and that is why these clown doctors and other informal healers are a wonderful compliment to the biomedical approach.

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