Ghost Illness amongst Native Americans

Ghost illness is a culture bound illness that is common amongst Native American tribes. This illness surrounds the idea that the spirit of a decesased loved one has taken over their body and caused the affected person to have this disease. The individual with this disease is said to be obsessed with death or the deceasd person whom they believe is the main source of their pain and suffering. In the Native American culture, it is believed that everyone is a part of an “energy” called Ibofanga. This energy comes from the flow between the mind, body, and spirit. So when this flow is disrupted, ghost illness occurs. The only way to prevent this illness is to do purification rituals that intercept any unnatural flow of energy, decreasing the amount of physical drain and emotional stress on the mind and body. Some symptoms of this illness are overall body weakness, repetitive nightmares, loss of apetite, hallucinations, feelings of suffocation, inability to breathe, dizziness, fainting, and sometimes even loss of cousciousness.

In a study done by Dr. Vancalla from the spiritual research team, he analyzed the cause and effect of ghost illness. He believed that the Native American people had a sixth sense that gave them the ability to understand and identify the symptoms that were being caused by a ghost.  According to his studies, one can know that their symptoms are caused by a ghost if their symptoms are unexplained and only relieved by spiritual remedies.

Ghost illness is being treated by doing spiritual chants with a technique callled nyas. According to spiritual researchers, There are seven spiritual energy centers in our body and they exist in relation to our physical body. The sick individual is to bunch their fingers together at the tip and place their bunched fingers between their eyebrows accompanied by chanting for extended periods of time.  The length of chanting time depends on how severe ones symptoms are.


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