Obesity in America

Obesity in America has been widely considered an epidemic and is a serious cause for concern, from a health care perspective. I chose to research about how obesity affects our overall heart health and the article that I looked at discusses how obesity is a major contributor to coronary heart failure. The article, “American Heart Association Call to Action: Obesity as a Major Risk Factor for Coronary Heart Disease,” discusses that more funding needs to go into research on obesity and all of the factors that are involved in the increased amount of obesity in America over the last 30 years. The article discusses that there are a multitude of factors that include: individual, genetic, biochemical, and behavioral factors. The article talks about how research on obesity is still in its infancy and stresses the importance of prevention of obesity instead of trying to heal it.

The article talks about how our inactive lifestyle and our consumption of more calories are the leading contributors to the vast increase in obesity in America. Coronary heart disease is contributed to the increased amount of adipose fat tissue present in people and this can be attributed to the change in lifestyle that Americans have experienced in the last 30 years. People are not moving as much and we have moved away from eating fruits and vegetables that contain folate, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12, which are known to help cardiovascular health.

The article I chose to read talked about prevention of obesity as the best way to fight the increase of coronary heart disease in America. Small things like parking farther away from your destination, and taking the stairs instead of the elevator were discussed as minor adjustments to American lifestyle that can have large effects on our overall heart health (and can help decrease obesity). Other suggestions given by the doctors in this article include: eating more fruits and vegetables, emphasizing the dietary picture to people, and developing effective educational models to show people the importance of dietary needs. The article discusses the importance of assessing our obesity problems through biomedical approaches and worrying about what goes into your body. There was also an emphasis on education that I found intriguing in this article, because I feel that we are always learning about the negative effects of being obese or unhealthy in our society.


Eckel, R. H., and R. M. Krauss. “American Heart Association Call to Action: Obesity as a Major Risk Factor for Coronary Heart Disease.” Circulation 97, no. 21 (1998): 2099-2100.

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