Obesity in the United States

I chose to discuss the current problem of obesity that is occurring in the United States. I believe that obesity is most definitely a culture bound syndrome. The article I found provided a good summary of the prevalence of obesity in America. The article explains how the wealth of our country has to do with the problem of obesity. Wealthier countries tend to have people that are more obese than poorer countries. One-third of Americans are considered obese, while another one-third are considered overweight and childhood obesity is on the rise as well. The article also discusses how poverty in the United States is correlated with obesity and how environmental factors have the greatest impact on obesity, not genetics or individual behavior. People who live in poverty, which is a great amount of people in the United States, are also more likely to become obese since they have no access to fresh grown food, can’t afford a gym membership, etc. The author mentions that although, genetics and genetic susceptibility play a role in obesity, it isn’t the main cause. A person may be born into a family where his or her parents are obese, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the child will be obese. American’s, as a cultural group, tend to feel “food insecure.” 43% of households feel that they can’t obtain sufficient food. I believe this may lead to families buying the cheapest amount of food that they can find so that they can obtain the greatest amount of food possible.

Obesity can be treated in many different ways. Ones environment may need to change and one may have to change his or her own behaviors. Moving into a better area where there is fresh food, parks and gyms, etc. can all help a person combat obesity. From my own observations, body cleanses and weight loss pills are becoming more common in our society in order to achieve a good body appearance.

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