week 3 activity comment

I believe that culture is culmination of all of the different traits, values, morals and habits a person develops throughout their lifetime, based upon their environment, heritage, family and personal experiences as they grown into an adult. I do think that obesity truly is a culture bound illness created from the westernized culture, not only specific to the United States but also other westernized cultures as well such as Australia while other cultures such as certain technologically un-advanced tribes find being overweight to be a positive trait that signifies wealth and sustainability. I think that obesity however, should not be considered a culture bound illness because it has severe detrimental side effects on the body no matter what culture or background a person has. The advantages of labeling this a culture bound illness is that it can make some Americans begin to understand that the way we live can be very unhealthy in excess and may teach some to moderate their activities more. The disadvantages of this being labeled a culture bound illness is that some people not of the western culture may think that it is not possible for them to experience obesity until it is too late. This concept would be difficult to explain in developing countries because it is hard to explain that eating too much regularly can be a negative thing, but the best way would be to explain it in a sense of lack of physical activity in combination can cause serious health issues that would reduce one’s quality of life.

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