Fibromyalgia Syndrome

Fibromyalgia syndrome is a medical condition that is highly misunderstood in the American culture. Many people believe that it is a made up condition because there are no true ways of testing for this illness. But instead it is diagnosed by how people describe their pain which, like stated in the article, is a wide variation of pain and other symptoms (toydiva65). The variation makes it hard to prescribe any type of bio-medical relief to patients. In the article she references a commercial where they define fibromyalgia as “a wide spread pain that doesn’t go away,” this is an example of how our culture perceives this condition, but listed in the article is dozens more symptoms that follow this condition ranging from IBS to mood swings and even weird flu spikes. Having no bio-medical help or cultural support probably makes it harder to deal with this condition. Like when she talks about how people do not understand how she could look normal and have this condition it makes her cad and frustrated which does not help her mentally or physically deal with this condition.

The woman in this article tells her narrative of this chronic condition in a humorous and sarcastic view. Since there is no true “cure” or relief for this  condition, she uses multiple techniques to ease her symptoms. She uses certain drugs depending on the current symptoms along with heating pads and a new mattress to help cope.

I know there is a strong bond between belief and healing, especially after watching the placebo clip. This is why people who go to therapist with mental illnesses feel better, they are not getting any medication they are simply opening up about their life and getting feedback to help them control their lives. For pain placebos are the best medication because they do not introduce any outside hormones instead your body releases endorphins to help itself. There is many things about positive energy that makes your body work better than normal, like in the video just going in to see a doctor can make you feel better or the anticipation and being anesthetized that can make a knee surgery successful. So to improve our health we should all be more positive and besides, happiness is contagious.

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