I think that the medical condition fibromyalgia  is misunderstood in our culture because  many people are not aware of this medical condition. I chose fibromyalgia because I have never fully  learned about this condition. I only briefly know of this condition. Although the exact cause of fibromyalgia  is still unknown it can be influenced by things such as genetics, personal lifestyle or some type of  physical trauma.   Culture can influence the illness experience by how it is diagnosed..  Also the field of biomedicine can influence the experience of people having fibromyalgia by creating drugs that can help to reduce various symptoms that come with having this illness. I know that having this medical condition can be really painful. For example the woman that was mentioned in lecture explained how painful this medical condition has been for her along with about twenty other different symptoms that are associated with fibromyalgia.

I think the connection between belief and healing is quite easy to make.  If a person believes they will get better, then they will have a better chance of getting better. It is the same as if a person believes they will get worse, then their condition might become worse. In other words if you believe you will get better then you will get better, your mind frame determines your healing process in my opinion. A good example from  “Placebo: Cracking the Code” would be when the woman was given a placebo instead of the actual antidepressant drug still overcame her depression, because she thought she was getting better and her depression was being cured with the antidepressant she got better. Sometimes it is in a persons mind frame on how fast they heal or they chances of healing. As far as my experience from healing I always believe that a person heals faster without medicine, so I never take medicine and in my mind that’s the reason why I heal faster.

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