I have Social Anxiety

In this episode of true life there are 2 people dealing with a mental illness called social anxiety. For the female she has complete social anxiety, from paranoia to depression. The male on the other hand has a more specific social anxiety, he feels nervous and even paralyzed around women. These 2 stories were dealt in complete opposite ways. The female was looking for a quick and less social fix to the situation with meds, her narrative was a chaos narrative. If things did not work quickly or if she had to talk to people she was done with the idea. The male on the other hand told more of a quest narrative, he was actively searching ant trying to get over his issue. He tried harmonals which is a type of meditation with music to help with social anxiety along with therapy. He even tried just jumping in to social situations to conquer his illness.

As far as Sick roles goes both the male and female in this video admit that their is something wrong and that they want to change about their social personality. They both were then diagnosed with social anxiety. She also excused herself from social environments. The male excused himself from social environments but still continued to work.

In my perspective the narrative from the females point of view about the illness was more of an excuse for her to keep out of normal social environments (lecture 4.2) and for others to understand and have pity on her. From the males point of view it was more like reaching out to his friends and family to help support and encourage him overcome this situation like in the Firomyalgia article she talks about how when people ask you know they care. They were also more than willing to help him get out of the house and overcome his illness while giving him advice about how to talk to woman.

In the end the female stops taking her meds because they make her feel like a “zombie” and the male continues to push himslef to comminicate effectively to women. To me this shows that if your willing to fight you can always improve a situation but if your going to give up or try to find an easy way out, you will fail.

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  1. Justin Blazejewski says:

    The video I found on youtube was “My Social Anxiety Story: Living it and Overcoming it.” Her name was Hailey Grace and like the two individuals you learned about, she struggled with severe social anxiety and from a young age. Since Hailey told the story following overcoming anxiety it was more of a quest narrative to instruct the listener how she overcame her social illness.

    For Hailey, it began in 4th grade when a new girl at school verbally and physically bullied her. From this experience, her mother had her transferred to a private school her emotional health had already suffered and she had a hard time forgetting about that girl. Since Hailey considered herself a slow learner, she relates to the girl in which you mentioned in that she was very timid to approach new people.

    However I find Hailey to have more in common with the male you wrote about in that she was constantly trying new things and meeting one person at a time that could help her overcome this illness. Middle school wasn’t much better for her, losing her best friend and feeling portrayed by the others but she did meet a few friends in high school yet she could not relate much as they seemed more studious than herself which made her timid. By 12th grade she began to feel more confident in result of these “studious individuals” explaining she was just as smart as them and the only reason they seem so smart is because of the time they put into their work.

    Like the female in your writing, Hailey was able to discontinue taking her meds following enrolling in a nearby community college where she learned to approach others with confidence rather than acting timid as she did years before. Hailey never gave up and as she got older she found that people were more willing to assist her in overcoming anxiety.

  2. Jamila Carver says:

    The person that I found who also claims to have suffered with social anxiety but now is seeking therapy for her illness now. Throughout her times at school she was jumping in and out of friendships not because she wanted to but because she either felt that the person was too normal, had other friends, or she either just felt uncomfortable with the whole friendship. She talked almost about each friendship that she had lasting no longer than a year. She would stick to people who might have been weird or some type of disorder such as autism to feel comfortable around. Her Narrative was explained in more of a chaos narrative where she could not really evolve socially which turned her to different lifestyles such as Gothic that were not fitting her lifestyle that she grew up in. She mentioned that her illness could have been caused from her childhood, from the bullying she would receive from her sister. She explained that it might have caused her to stick to herself and not get to close to anyone. Another cause of the illness might have been from her mother not willing to take her places to be able to meet with other classmates and friends, causing her to be alone and not interact socially.

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