Im Drunkorexic

This episode of True life previewed the lives of two younger individuals dealing with an attempt to drink regularly while starving themselves of food to keep off the calories in which they acquired by drinking at such high rates (abstract). Right from the start Laura (24) and DJ (22) had a very chaotic narrative approach.

Laura spent her days at home drinking while her boyfriend worked usually expecting to come home to her drunk (orientation). It was not Laura’s first time going through this, and she showed no intention of quitting. It got to the point where she had no interest in going anywhere so long as she had alcohol at home. Laura was on the verge of loosing her boyfriend, which seemed to be the only person supporting her while she stayed at home drunk constantly making excuses for herself (complicating action). It wasn’t until Matt threatened to leave, that Laura started thinking and evaluating her options, followed by attending Alcoholics Anonymous (Evaluation). After going 7 months sober while attending AA and beginning work to keep her mind off alcohol, Laura and Matt said to be the happiest they had ever been and thankful to make it through the tough stage in Laura’s life (result).

DJ on the other hand was a drinker who preferred to be in a non-stop party atmosphere. He worked fast food and skipped meals daily while trying to go out with his irritated friends as much as possible (orientation). It seemed as if he was in a predicament with obsessing over what his abs used to look like, trying to reestablish them or getting drunk to forget about the problem (complicating action). This eventually led to DJ seeking medical help after not being able to hold down any food without stomach pain (evaluation). This seemed to be an eye opener for DJ and he sought to give up his goal of weighing 115 pounds, realizing he was at a healthy weight and needed to adapt a new lifestyle (evaluation). DJ did not quit drinking completely but found new ways to enjoy himself other than being the center of attention at the local bars and finally after 4 months was relieved of all stomach problems (result).

It wasn’t until both Laura and DJ sought help (AA and medical) that their attitudes took a more restitution approach with a common goal of restoring health without alcohol.

I found these Illness narratives to benefit Laura and DJ extremely. Whether it be talking to your significant other, friends, or down the road sharing your illness with AA or your medical practitioner, I believe getting your story out through narration is a great idea. Laura and DJ saw how much they meant to their peers, and eventually gained the willpower and determination to fix their problem and move on to healthy and alcohol resistant lives.


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