After reading the blog under the class content I was completely shocked. Considering it is hard to “narrate” this syndrome to others I definitely understand why Fibromyalgia is misunderstood. Symptoms vary from person to person along with the strength of the symptoms and how the person experiences them.

One thing that really shocked me was the difference between the pharmaceutical commercials and the extreme to which the blog went. The commercials for medicine make it seem slightly uncomfortable with casual pain while the blog makes it sound unbearable. Even though the commercials down play the syndrome, the amount of medications listed in the blog was incredible: “I now have my own personal pharmacy that includes anti-anxiety drugs, muscle relaxers, allergy tablets, nasal spray, analgesics, anti-inflammatories, acid reducers and rash creams.” I think this definitely plays a role in the illness experience. Someone taking 1 pill a day would be a lot more optimistic about life in general compared to someone taking 10-15 pills a day. In our culture, medication quantity and health are positively correlated together.

The treatment of Fibromyalgia is affected by the biomedical influences in today’s culture. It becomes more of a disease than a syndrome. Bottom line is, Fibromyalgia doesn’t have a cure currently. These people are living with this syndrome and most likely for the rest of their lives. Tons of medications and countless doctors visits consume these people’s lives making them feel sicker and sicker. This is where the placebo video could be a very good insight for FMS sufferers. The video proved that an optimistic view on a disease or illness could help alleviate symptoms or even cure the disease. Even though they would still be taking pills, a placebo pill would have less side affects and still boost the moral of the person.

I think the affect of placebo comes from chemical balances and hormones in the brain that can help regulate other body functions and hormones. That is coming from a very basic level though. I was blown away watching the YouTube clip! I personally knew two people who were affected with MS so I was especially fascinated with the man who was cured of MS after visiting the temple

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