Fibromyalgia syndrome although is very hard to describe and many people doubt the “authenticity” of the disease it is characterized by many difficult and debilitating symptoms. Ranging from various random muscle aches, irritable bowel syndrome, flu like symptoms, chest pains, anxiety and a plethora of other symptoms. Leading to the person having various agonizing amounts of pain and social stigmas. Culturally when a person is sick (ex. The flu) they usually have to stay indoors with little social contact because in our culture it isn’t appropriate to show others our illness (unless it’s a medical professional) thus we tend to become isolated. So when we have a disease that presents so “random” symptoms we have to isolate ourselves from others, which the woman from “Fibromyalgia+ The Type A” blog briefly mentioned this social isolation when it came to her IBS. Well biomedically it influences people with fibromyalgia syndrome because they have serious symptoms and are repeatedly admitted to the hospital but then are false alarms (i.e. the “faux heart attacks”). Leading for medical professionals to underestimate the seriousness of the syndrome.

Fibromyalgia syndrome “syndrome, unlike a disease has no textbook set of symptoms because they vary so widely from patient to patient”. Thus biomedically it is hard to have a single treatment for such a vast array of symptoms, leading to doctors to prescribe biomedical drugs for each of the symptoms presented. This causes the patient to have to take a serving platter of various drugs that can continue to negatively influence the patient illness.

I think the correlation of belief and healing has a very fine line they somewhat rely on one another. In the film we see that praying to religious symbols (like the saint) lead to 66 recognized miracles. How is it that simply by praying and having a deep seeded belief led to the curing of a man’s multiple sclerosis? The healing came from the individuals strong belief and as they began to be healed their belief (in my option) gains more momentum, thus causing a positive feedback. The film illustrated the point that our minds have the capacity to make our bodies regenerate to a homeostatic level on their own by simple the suggestion of something being a healing agent.

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