Fibromyalgia is a widespread muscle pain throughout the body and is misunderstood in our society. The main idea behind it is that it is called a syndrome, not a disease so people do not think of it as a real disorder but more of in the persons head or that they are faking it. It is hard to describe it to other people since it is not a pinpoint issue, and since the pain may change from day to day then it sounds like you are just trying to get attention. Where there is no cure for the syndrome, there are treatments that can help the pain, but it will come back, which makes this disorder manageable but painful. The biggest problem when it comes to the public believing in the syndrome is that there are no outward signs of this syndrome, its main problem is just pain; people with it will look completely normal but have the pain widespread anyways.

I think that because of those misconceptions in the general public people are less likely to go to their doctor because of it or to think that they might have the syndrome because it does not show any outward appearance. I would also think that doctors would be less willing to diagnose people with this syndrome in fear that they would be just trying to get narcotics or other kind of prescribed drugs out of it.

There is a big connection between belief and healing especially in the pain related injuries. I think that it is because the body is connected to the mind and then can heal certain things if you actually believe that you can. It is shown with the placebo surgeries in the knee, where everyone had the same results, even if all they did was make incisions in the skin so that they would think they had a real surgery. This shows that your mind has a big role in the healing process and your belief that it would workTop of Form

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