I can’t stay thin

I chose to write about the episode of true life titled I can’t stay thin. This episode was about two young individuals, a man and a woman who had problems with their weight since adolescence. They described themselves as yo-yo dieters. Meaning they dieted a lot but once they lost the weight and reached and stopped the diet they gained all the weight and sometimes more, right back. Looking at their situations i think the narratives of chaos and quest. The girl in the video played what we learnt in lecture as the sick role. She recognized once she got to high school that she was becoming another member of her family who was overweight. This was when she began dieting. She was off her diets and gaining weight again. This is where her narrative could be considered chaotic.Her ideal weight was 150 pounds but she was about 180 pounds. Tired of all her self-imposed dieting she took the next step and went to see a medical professional. She saw a dietician who gave her  a healthy diet to follow, complete with meals, snacks and exercise routines. She followed this for a week and lost 7 pounds but was still not satisfied and considered going back to her old unhealthy habits just to lose weight and feel good about herself. It took a long talk with her aunty who considered herself to be like her when she was younger, to get through to her. She began to have a quest narrative. She abandoned her unhealthy diets and began to eat and exercise healthily, accepting her body and considering her health. The young man in this episode had about the same story. He took desperate measures, I’m talking restricting himself to 200-400 calories a day for over 6 months, to lose weight. He quit his job and distanced himself from his friends to achieve his goal of losing over 100 pounds. He reached this goal, losing 140 pounds but he knew he was not healthy. When he began to eat normally again he started to binge because he had starved himself for so long. In the end, with help and support from family and friends he was able to eat 2 healthy meals a day and stay under his goal weight. Both these individuals knew they had a disease (overeating) and they found ways to cure it and learn from it. Their narratives allowed their families and friends to understand what they were going through and help them.

True Life: I can’t stay thin

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