I have diabetes

In the episode of True Life “I have diabetes” the people described their personal experiences in managing and treating diabetes in their day to day lives. These individuals mostly used a quest narrative to describe their lifestyles with this disease. The victims of this disease used their narratives to describe the paths that they were taking trying to better manage and treat this lifelong illness and also the other factors such as financial, social and emotional issues that are brought up when dealing with this illness. The culture around those with diabetes is based upon a lot of misinformation about the disease. A lot of people assume that these people can’t do things like eat sugar or drink alcohol, but this is not the case. They do however, have to monitor their blood sugar levels closely so that they do these things only in moderation and do not cause themselves to be ill. The experiences with a lot of the physicians were not negative but mostly consisted of them talking about managing the disease properly and dealing with behavioral issues that contributed to the disease. In the sick role that these people experience, they are expected to constantly be checking and monitoring their blood glucose and monitoring their eating habits. They also have rights to slow down and take a break or deal with symptoms if they are having an issue because these issues can be life threatening. The usefulness of an illness narrative is very important to enlighten family friends and health care providers who may not necessarily understand the toll a disease takes on an individual. These narratives can allow peers, family and healthcare providers to be more empathetic to an individuals situation and be more willing to make accomodations that fit the individuals lifestyle. In the youtube video “A day living with diabetes” the little girl in the video explained the various tasks that she has to do on a daily basis to ensure she was in good health and the toll the disease takes on her daily. This allows people to understand what it is like living day to day with this disease and allows for a better understanding of an individuals experiences.



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