Male postpartum depression

Male postpartum depression is when men get depressed during the first year their child is born. If a newborn’s dad is suffering from depression it will affect the health of the child. Certain men are more susceptible to postpartum depression. These men may have had a history with depression, a man who does not have the strongest relationship with their spouse, or a man who is experiencing stress about becoming a father. The most influential factor of male postpartum depression is if their partner is also experiencing the same symptoms. Even if a new father is not experiencing any signs of depression but their spouse is it is very important that they get evaluated as well. The new fathers are left feeling confused, exhausted, helpless, alone and trapped. In the article we were given to read it said that 1,000-1,400 new dads everyday experience signs of male postpartum depression. In another article I found online it said that 3,000 new dads suffer from postpartum depression daily. Fortunately, this condition is treatable through individual counseling or antidepressants. Even though a male will usually try to brush off these feelings so they do not appear weak, admitting they have a problem shows courage and strength. In our class lectures and videos it was said that if someone believes a placebo will have a positive affect then it will, if someone believes it will not help then it won’t. Obviously most, hopefully all, fathers do not want to have these negative thoughts about their babies so they will go out and seek any help that they believe will actually work. The first step in curing an illness is first acknowledging you have one. Once a male recognizes that these negative thoughts about their newborn child are not normal they can go receive professional help. A listeners job is to encourage these men to share what they are feeling while the male makes sense of what they are going through.

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