Type 1 Diabete

During early part of my middle school I did not know diabetes was. My teacher simply explained that is a condition that a person cannot control the glucose level. The way to keep the glucose level was to eat food at certain time and are allowed to eat certain food. My mom would say that I could get diabetes if I consume too much sugary food. But my knowledge and opinions have changed over the years.

Though I do not think diabetes are just plainly just being misunderstood in American or influence only by the medication, but rather I think that we are not well informed. And with the lack of knowledge about Diabetes leads to judging and incorrect guessing of what diabetes are. One example is how a person that know more about diabetes treat and think differently to a person with diabetes compared to a person who do not know about diabetes.

In this era called Information Era an example in United States and other countries with internet access and advance electronic has allowed to obtain information easier than ever. Perhaps formation of internet culture that pretty much the line of other culture. With some typing and clicks provide a library of information. With an easy access to information have allow a person to be more aware and understand more about disease. By being informed can prevent judging a person wrongly, and allow a better view of a person condition. Also with internet allowed people all around the world to view and discuss what Diabetes really is can create a collaboration of thought that hopefully there will be a day of a cure for Diabetes.

Though Diabetes may have been serious condition in the past. With an increase effectiveness in treatment, monitoring and manageability of Diabetes allowed to be viewed as something of less crippling to their life.

Even with modern western medicine allows diabetes to be more easily manageable, medication alone are not enough.  But there are a benefit of a person’s cooperation of being aware to the person with diabetes. It can be assuring and can provide “psychological healing” as well. An example in the Documentary called “Placebo: Cracking the Code” , a positive thoughts allows a person to cope better with disease even if the placebo did not cure. One experiment done about sensing pain, a placebo may not have numb the patient but reduce the pain, anticipation of a cure leads to a hormonal change and a chance of a cure. Another example of is if I were to have a flu, from my experience positive thoughts are less tiring than thinking negatively and just lying on the bed.

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