Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue is misinterpreted by many people today, simply stating those who suffer from the illness are being lazy individuals. This syndrome is characterized by severe tiredness but does not typically get better with rest. I think western society views this illness as something that can be cured mentally more than physically. People who suffer from the syndrome do not currently have some magic pill they can take to help them receive more energy and caffeine or other substitutes are not the answer to their issues. So from a biomedical standpoint there is no “easy cure” for chronic fatigue. Those who suffer can also tend to feel worse because society see’s them in a negative way, which leads to actually worsening their condition. If a person feels they are worthless, studies show they may in fact become worse because they mentally don’t think they can do anything. Tis makes management and treatment much more difficult. To treat this condition then, I believe it is about mentally preparing the person for a battle. Even when someone is tired, to push their body and show them they actually can complete a task would allow them to improve. I think a placebo in this case could be a great benefit. There can be negative side effects to taking many different kinds of pharmaceuticals to gain energy but telling a person they can become better after taking a pill or shot of a placebo may be beneficial. I would generally be against any type of surgery, even if it is a fake such as shown in the cracking the code video, but in this cause a false brain surgery may prove beneficial. If a surgeon can make an incision to the scalp and convince people that they have a neurological disorder that can be easily cured it may help, even if no such procedure is possible. I think a safer way to do this also may be in the type of shock therapy that is done in the video. If people receive some volts of electricity to their brain, the can be conditioned to think they are not physically tired when no true change has taken place. Person belief in healing is a great motivator, if not more, to make patients want to feel better leading to actually improvement.

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  1. Vanessa Salmo says:

    I think that chronic fatigue is a condition that warrants treatment. I think that since it is such a complicated thing that is unsolved by rest or caffeine we have to look at different ways to treating it. In this situation there are many levels to this condition meaning that there could be underlying illnesses causing this condition or worsening it. One thing I thought about while reading this response was that fatigue could be caused by depression. In the response the author mentions that society sees chronic fatigue negatively and these people can be judged for their condition which worsens it. I think that feeling worthless is a characteristic of depression and counseling might help improve their symptoms.
    I think that treating chronic fatigue with a placebo could be beneficial but I think that it is a lot better to let the person try to work through this mentally before they give them the placebo pill. The reason I believe this is because it builds a lot of character knowing that you conquered something yourself and it lessens the possibility that it will return. On the other hand if doctors use a placebo pill the patient might end up returning to the office with the same symptoms.
    I currently work in the emergency department and just within the last few weeks I have seen patients return multiple times either for the same symptoms or various other ones and most of the time they are complete non-sense or we told them that they needed to follow-up with their primary care doctor. This is just proof that medications don’t always solve our problems.

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