Chronic pain

Chronic pain is an severe pain that has occurred continuously after a person should have “healed.” Sometimes it’s considered untrueable and often healthcare providers can not identify why the patient is still experiencing pain. Pain is a subjective experience and it is only known by the individual that is experiencing it. Depending on some individuals this can affect their everyday life. In lecture there was a chart that asked people to identify their pain level this was able to heals categorize the level of which a person should be treated accordingly.

Culture illness experience is hard for people who are suffering from the pain. So, often others can not relate to them when they say they are having intense pain. Biomedicine influences illness experiences because some play the role of being “sick” so that they can receive pity from others, also they try to receive more medicine when it is not needed. So this can be an cause of the psychological aspect so many don’t believe them.

Treatment varies on the area that is affected also on what the individual is already taking for the chronic pain. This can be a positive, because it can soothe the pain for a while. However, sometimes people become dependent on the medicine and often become addicted. The most reasonable treatment could be the individual could try physical therapy, occupational therapy or even osteopathic manipulative medicine. These can decrease the pain without medicine being given.

In the lecture video explained that some placebos were effective on patients who wanted to have corrective surgery. When actually there was not one given, it was all psychological. They became better immediately afterwards. A placebo could be effective, but if the patient. Is still experiencing pain then they could harm themselves by taking more medicine suggested which could potentially kill them. Belief and healing correlate, if someone wants to get better they can. They have to have the right mindset in order to want to get better. Often if someone has a positive outlook they get better, vice versa. From my own experience during my monthly cycle, I usually try to wait it out until it’s unbearable or use a heating pad on my stomach. However, some women take birth control or midol. To surpress the pain, I try to stay healthly, hydrated and sleep well so that the pain won’t hurt as bad.

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  1. Devin Jay-Garfein says:

    I believe that chronic pain is real. As you mentioned in the beginning of your post, pain is subjective. It is difficult for others to understand because the only person who can feel it, is the sick person. There is no proven science for understanding someone else’s pain. There are tests in hospitals that are given to patients to try and communicate their level, but there is no correct or wrong answer. It can only give the idea about the amount of pain someone is in. After learning a little bit about chronic pain in class, I’m glad that it is recognized as a real condition.

    Some sources that influence me are pharmaceutical commercials. I see many TV advertisements for chronic pain medicines. That shows the pharmacies recognize it as a serious condition that needs attention. It has a big enough impact on our society that selling drugs to treat it would make them money. On a more personal level I have some older friends who suffer from chronic pain. I met them through my dance studio and when they don’t show up to lessons or a party it is because their pain level has gone up. They are mostly retired factory workers or have injured themselves when they were younger. Sometimes their old injuries will have pain flair-ups. Many of them go to physical therapy and don’t take drugs unless they have to. They are the reason I believe chronic pain is very unpleasant. I see these people on a regular basis and when there is pain in their eyes I can tell.

  2. saarine3 says:

    I have to mostly agree with your observations on this illness. I agree that there a people who actually do suffer chronic pain. Further more I believe that someone who is experiencing pain which cannot be explained by western medicine should be taken in full seriousness. The reason being there are so many aspects of the human body in a biological sense that we still don’t understand, and to add to that there is a largely unknown connection between physiological and biological part of the human body. Meaning the two can be related in ways that we have never explored before. Another point I wanted to raise was when someone is experiencing chronic pain its hard for those around them to sympathies or understand what they are going through. The outside people would never be able to tell if a person was lying about it or not, so that’s why i think they might not take it seriously. The way I was raised was by a family where the motto was “suck it up and be a man” so naturally before entering higher education I would have probably though chronic pain was just someone looking for attention, now however I have seen how my view was once skewed.

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