Fibromyalgia is a medical condition that is misunderstood here in our culture. This syndrome is one in which there is pain all over the body, morning stiffness, flu-like symptoms, itchy skin, etc. It is hard to describe this disease to others because when you look at the person they appear to be fine, but inside they could be feeling loads of pain. In this blog, she talks about how it is hard for her to find a medical treatment for her because this syndrome varies from patient to patient. I think that the public doesn’t understand this syndrome because of this reason. If one cannot pinpoint a specific issue of the body, some may think that it is all just being made up in their heads…doctors included. If the doctors cannot understand the patients narrative, or if it is too broad, the doctors won’t be able to help out as much as the patient would like.

The placebo effect could help out these patients living with Fibromyalgia. I think that belief and healing go hand in hand with each other. Seeing as there is not huge medical attention for these patients living with this illness, if they believe a pill will help them then I think having a placebo would do the trick. Seeing as most of the cases in the film “Placebo: Cracking the Code” had to do with pain, this would be good to use on the Fibromyalgia patients because of the pain symptoms they experience. It may not fully cure the disease, but if they believe that it helps then it possibly could.

I never knew about this disease until now and that in itself goes to show how misunderstood some of these medical conditions are. The way that people share their narratives are important because of this. In her blog she did a good job of sharing her narrative and because of that I have learned about an illness I would have never known existed.


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  1. Albert Tamayo says:

    Krystn, before this week I had little-to-no knowledge of fibromyalgia. I always thought that it sounded serious and had something to do with muscle pain. No one in my family seems to suffer from this illness (as far as they know…), so I really had no prior knowledge to work from. Since it is such a subjective illness, I can see how it would be difficult for people who have no physical experience with it to not believe someone’s symptoms

    Everything around us influences our thoughts and opinions whether we realize it or not. In the case of this misunderstood medical condition most people will likely not believe the patient because there is no single, formal test that definitively says that someone suffers from fibromyalgia. In our society, we expect people to acknowledge that they are sick, seek medical treatment, and get cured (kind of like A + B = C). Unfortunately many illnesses are not that simple and may require many different forms of therapy due to many different causes and symptoms. Since the illness is so individualized, family and friends likely will not believe the symptoms and medical institutions may try to label the patient’s disease as something much different than fibromyalgia.

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