I chose Fibromyalgia mainly because I never understood what it was. I always thought it was a diagnosis gave to hypochondriac clients or sufferers wanted pity and sympathy so they just said they had it. It’s awful, I know, I just never understood it and the only thing I knew about it was that there is no real area that it affects and that it can literally affect every part of your body.


In Edie’s article in which she shares her personal story she has with this syndrome is pretty eye-opening. She is a constant state of pain that she is to cope with, as are all people suffering. Culture wise, I think people might feel the same way I did or may not know anything about it at all. In our society, people are supposed to deal with it and be superheroes. We’re expected to be the best at everything and never have a minute to breathe. I believe that the judgment that Fibromyalgia sufferers would get would be they are complainers and whiners that need to suck it up and get over it. This may make people just bury their pain and not share it with anyone.


Biomedicine can really help in this instance. Fibromyalgia can affect every aspect of a person, mentally and physically. Sufferers are able to use medicine for aches and pains like headaches and use physical therapy and/or massages for the muscle tightness and pains. The combination of medicine along with natural healing practices can really enhance a person’s life and enable them to be in as little pain as possible. With Edie’s issues, it seems that she might have a hard time living in society but with a regimented schedule of health caring measures, she can live with less pain than if she chose to not focus on using natural and medical healers.



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