Fibromyalgia + the Type A Personality

This blog describes the daily struggles, symptoms, and suffering of a woman diagnosed with fibromyalgia. This is a tough disease because it is so unpredictable, not very well understood, and comes with an extensive variety of symptoms. This illness narrative is a very definite example of a chaos narrative. The woman describes the suffering as stressful, near insanity, frustrating, and never ending, which is the perfect description that was described in the lecture. I think this blog is an excellent way to make sense of her illness, explain her daily struggles to family and friends, and most important, a form of personal healing. She also notes that she hopes that her blog will help others diagnosed with fibromyalgia syndrome, and also help loved ones of those diagnosed with the disease really understand what the sufferer is enduring each day.

I believe it increases this particular woman’s suffering that those around her, and even the general public, do not understand much about her disease and what she is going through. It doesn’t sound like biomedicine has done much to ease her suffering, other than through temporary remedies like heating pads, pain relievers and muscle relaxers, and antacids. This must be extremely frustrating to know that there is no cure or end in sight to her pain, and that doctors are unable to do anything more to really help her. I think it would be incredibly nerve racking and scary to never know what symptoms she will experience from day to day, and when they will arise. It would be impossible to live a normal life and really make any big plans for your future.

However, through this blog, it seems that this woman’s personality type has quite a bit to do with her suffering, and should she have a more positive attitude, her outlook would be much, much improved. I thought the research regarding placebos was incredibly interesting, and strongly believe in the power of the human mind in controlling our healing process. It would be very amazing to see the outcome of this woman’s illness if she was given a drug that was said to cure FMS, and see if it would have any effect on her suffering.

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