After reading the blog, fibromyalgia is completely misunderstood in my opinion. People have the diagnosis of what it is misconstrued. Since signs and symptoms differ from person to person in different cultures and in the same cultures, it is hard to tell if the illness is actually fibromyalgia. Also, the fact that people all over the world experience fibromyalgia much different makes it much harder to understand as an illness.

Some medical professionals describe fibromyalgia as it being excruciating bone pain while others approach it as being tolerable. The video also describes fibromyalgia as being very terrible pain. Fibromyalgia is usually tendon and bone pain, it makes the body tender and affects the soft tissues. That can cause problems like sleep disorders, fatigue, anxiety, and headaches.

Some cultures may not have access to certain treatments like the United States making the illness harder to get rid of or soothe. Which makes the experience completely worst. Biomedicine can help to improve treatment of this illness, there are drugs and medications that can ease the pain and help people cope better.

In the blog, Edie described her pain so unbearable that it made living much harder for her, as if she could not complete or participate in daily living activities. If most people are like me, they would’ve never believed fibromyalgia to be so painful. I thought it was just a little pain tenderness, nothing a Motrin couldn’t cure but after reading this blog I see there is so much more to it. I sort of down played the illness before actually knowing which explains further why fibromyalgia is misunderstood. Just like commercials may also down play the extreme of this illness.

The connection between belief and healing is that the more you have a positive outlook on the illness, the better you may be at coping with the symptoms of it. With the placebo pill, it is said the more optimistic the person with fibromyalgia is, the less side affects and symptoms they may go through. Being more optimistic in any situation can help alleviate stress, and many more illnesses, and symptoms that comes along in life.

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  1. Breanna Ramsay says:

    I have always seen commercials for medications to help with fibromyalgia. The actor’s portrayal of the illness was nothing like what Edie describes in her blog. I too had always thought of fibromyalgia as being a little painful, but nothing as severe as what Edie explained in her blog. I think the fact that it can be so different from person to person is what makes it so hard perceive both from a cultural and biomedical viewpoint. There are many illnesses that have textbook symptoms and treatments, but with fibromyalgia that is far from the case. The different kinds of pain, both physically and mentally have a great deal of range to them. Anything from a dull pain to a sharp knife like, or even itching and burning can be a symptom of fibromyalgia.

    I personally do not know anyone with fibromyalgia, but my perceptions about it have been shaped a great deal by the commercials I have seen. Like I mentioned before the portrayal of fibromyalgia is nothing like what it really is for some people. Even Edie mentions that the commercials are “so far off the mark”. If commercials that were advertising drugs to help control the symptoms of fibromyalgia used people who really had fibromyalgia (instead of actors) and they talked about their experience with the illness and that particular drug it might resonate more and give people a better understanding about what fibromyalgia is and how it affects people.

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