I Have Social Anxiety

I watched the episode “True Life: I Have Social Anxiety.” This episode chronicles the experiences that two people, Nonie and Scott, have with the condition of social anxiety. Nonie’s experience is more of a chaos narrative, as she experiences crippling symptoms when faced with interaction outside a very select group of individuals. Something as simple as going through a drive through makes her tremble. She seeks immediate relief from her symptoms in the form of medication despite the fact that pills may not be the best solution to her problem in the long term. Scott on the other hand, seeks long term and permanent solutions and is more open to non-pharmaceutical relief. His narrative would qualify as quest. Perhaps because his symptoms don’t appear to be as severe as Nonie’s, he is more receptive to the idea of talking to a counselor or psychiatrist about his condition. Scott takes a more proactive approach in seeking relief, and sees his role as less of a victim. I feel that Scott’s approach and attitude in his approach allow for a more pleasant experience on his quest. It is important to help others, like Nonie, nonetheless and cataloguing her experience can aid in doing so.

There is certainly social stigma associated with social anxiety. Especially in America, it is expected that people be at least somewhat social. People want to be friends with others who are social, companies want to hire social people that are easy to work with, and it is even uncomfortable to ride silently in an elevator with someone without talking. A narrative is useful in cataloguing a patient experience with a condition. It makes it easier to assist others who suffer with the same condition in the future, and helps those not suffering with the condition to better understand sufferers. In this way, the social stigma surrounding a condition such as social anxiety can hopefully be reduced.


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